About us

Dplus is a cultural and creative electricity supplier platform, as early as 2015 planning, will be officially launched in July 2016. Dplus is a multi-functional trading website that integrates shopping, design, customization and display at home and abroad with high quality D-crowd. There are many independent original design brands online, so that you can bring good taste and good design to life.


Dplus hopes to establish long-term stable and respect relationship with customers and D people and grow hand in hand with each other to create a beautiful design ecosystem. Through our online platform allows customers to understand the creative concept of each design of goods and the core values of the original design, look forward to the joint efforts of everyone,
The platform developed into the largest design commodity trading platform at home and abroad.

Join us

Dplus knows that every design product is the creator and D's brainchild, we invite the creators who have a common idea and D people to open an online design museum. Let creators and D people here can feel at ease to establish their own brand, and the development of creative design dreams.
As long as you want to know a group of like-minded friends, then join us ~

Dplus event

In August 2016 there was a substantial increase in the number of D persons in the station

July 2016 Dplus design merchandise shopping website was established

May 2016 Added cash flow platform - Visa, master, CUP officially launched